100 Things About Me:

1. I grew up in Central New York state and lived in the same home until I attended college out-of-state.

2. I've lived in Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia.

3. I had a happy childhood, a terrible time in middle school, and a mediocre time in high school -- but I LOVED college.

4. I am a November baby which makes me a Scorpio, if you're into astrology.

5. My husband (and best friend) J and I were married in October 1996.

6. Our first daughter "Mimi" was born in January 2002.

7. Our second daughter "Rosie" was born in October 2004.

8. We also have 2 cats who deign to live with us -- Chika and Annie. We lost our beloved Casi in March 2008.

9. My parents and brother live in North Carolina, and J's family is in central Virginia.

10. I work as an information technology specialist for the Federal Government.

11. My job involves a lot of writing and a lot of negotiation, coercion, and persuasion.

12. I used to be a librarian for a different Federal agency, until I started moving into the computer management arena.

13. I think I have at least one more career change ahead of me in life, but I'm still not sure what I want to do when I grow up.

14. I consider myself apolitical and agnostic.

15. Some might say that makes me wishy-washy, but I like to think I'm sensitive to the needs of many without hiding behind a particular political or religious "agenda."

16. Ultimately I think people should exercise freedom of what they believe as long as it does not harm others.

17. I love art, and I can draw pretty well.

18. I love to read also, though I don't get as much time to read as I'd like.

19. I have tons of cookbooks but J usually cooks for the family -- I do big events like the holidays.

20. I like horses, but I don't ride anymore.

21. I am a perfectionist.

22. I have some serious self-esteem issues stemming from the tormenting I received as a child (from other kids.)

23. I am not sure if #21 and #22 are related, but they very well may be.

24. J and I are major fans of hockey.

25. We have season tickets for the Washington Capitals NHL team.

26. Along with our girls' traditional birth announcements, we also sent out hockey card birth announcements.

27. I have a good ear when it comes to music -- I remember lyrics and melodies, and can sightread pretty well.

28. I don't have a great voice, but it doesn't stop me from singing in the car or when I'm cleaning the house.

29. I played the violin for 9 years and once played on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with my high school orchestra.

30. I'm not an outdoorsy person.

31. Neither is J, so when we moved to our latest home we made it a townhouse without a yard to care for.

32. I love traveling, but don't get to do it as much as I'd like.

33. My favorite vacation was in 2003 when the family went to Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

34. I would move to the Pacific Northwest in a heartbeat.

35. I have a rare genetic disorder which was diagnosed when I was 29.

36. The main impact of the disease on my life is that I have to receive medicine every 2 weeks via IV.

37. Later in life I may experience degradation of the bone due to my disease, but I try not to think about that.

38. Fortunately the disease did not get passed on to the girls.

39. I love magazines -- one of my favorite things in life is to have a pile of new, unread magazines ready to peruse.

40. I really like food, particularly ethic food that's somewhat spicy (such as Indian, Mexican, and Thai.)

41. I would eat breakfast foods three times a day.

42. When I was a kid I had weird tastes -- loved tuna fish sandwiches, iced tea, and steak, and hated spaghetti, pizza, and PBJ.

43. My brother's tastes were the opposite of mine -- my poor mom.

44. My maternal grandmother was an amazing cook.

45. I inherited her love for cooking, but not her improvisational ability.

46. From my maternal grandfather I inherited a love for art (drawing and painting) and a love of horses.

47. My paternal grandmother was also an excellent artist.

48. My face shape and features were inherited from my dad and paternal grandfather.

49. My parents passed on contradictory traits: my dad likes to throw things out, and my mom's a packrat.

50. This gives me a schizophrenic style when it comes to keeping things or throwing them away -- I alternate between the two.

51. Mimi looks EXACTLY like J did as a toddler -- hair, facial expressions, etc.

52. But Mimi's personality is like mine was as a kid: sensitive and eager to learn.

53. Rosie has more of my face shape, and inherited my thick legs (poor thing.)

54. J and I can't agree where her personality comes from -- we both take credit for the good-natured part but neither will claim the stubbornness.

55. I love crafts but am terrible at completing big projects.

56. My Meyers-Briggs personality type is Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging (ISTJ).

57. As an Introvert, I definitely get my energy from being alone -- although I love people, I need my solitary time to recharge.

58. Solitary time is difficult with 2 young kids.

59. As a Sensing person, I obtain my information from observing the world around me, rather than from my own instincts.

60. My Sensing tendency means I am always acutely aware of my surroundings -- I remember details about things and people.

61. I was very close on the Thinking and Feeling dimensions, with a slight edge to Thinking.

62. I guess this means I'm a considerate intellectual.

63. Sometimes this means I have trouble deciding whether to follow my head or my heart.

64. As a Judging person, I have a strong preference for schedules and plans as opposed to unstructured environments.

65. As a result of this, I like deadlines and don't do as well with open-ended assignments.

66. I'm not a big movie buff, so I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the actors and actresses that other people know about.

68. J, my mom, and my brother all love movies, so they can't understand why I don't.

69. I'm not a big TV watcher, either -- I'd rather have the house quiet or listen to music.

70. I'm a neat freak, and I like everything to be in its designated spot.

71. I'm also anal about having clean and sanitized dishes -- I wash them thoroughly before putting them in the dishwasher.

72. I experienced post-partum depression following the birth of both of my daughters.

73. I take medication for the depression, which keeps me on a more even keel, but I still have some down days.

74. I prefer the mountains to the beach.

75. I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning, even if it's decaf.

76. One of my favorite jobs was waitressing for an alumni club in college.

77. My least favorite job was working at a small ice cream shop in my hometown, because the bosses were jerks.

78. I am a very loyal employee as long as I think I'm appreciated.

79. I think I'd be a good executive assistant or chief of staff.

80. I don't mind doing the behind-the-scenes work for someone else as long as they thank me for my hard work.

81. I used to have a hard time leaving work behind when I left the office for the day.

82. Now that I have 2 kids and the busy schedule that goes along with a family, I don't think about work at all in the evening.

83. I love being a mom more than I ever imagined I would.

84. I am very proud that people think J and I are good parents.

85. I look forward to watching my girls grow and blossom into young adults.

86. But I'm in no hurry for them to grow up!

87. Sometimes I think I want another baby.

88. I loved being pregnant -- I felt so sensuous and appealing.

89. I had both girls via c-section.

90. I don't think I missed anything by not having the chance to undergo natural childbirth.

91. I strongly believe that families should eat dinner together and talk during dinnertime.

92. I kept journals from middle school through grad school.

93. I still can't decide if I'll ever share them with my girls or not.

94. I also can't decide if I'm brave enough to go re-read some of the more painful parts.

95. But I really believe that writing about life is therapeutic -- hence my reason for keeping this blog.

96. I think people have a lot to learn from one another.

97. I enjoy learning about other people, though I am very cautious about prying.

98. That's why I like reading blogs -- because I appreciate when others can open up about things that are meaningful.

99. OK, you can see my philosophical tendencies here -- that happens when I start overanalyzing.

100. I could probably write a lot more, but I'm a rule follower, so I'll stop at 100 exactly. :-)