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March 30, 2006


This is a great post, Nancy. You write so well and get your thoughts across easily.

Respect is very important, in all relationships. I agree with everything you've said in this post (I, too, was nodding through most of it). And when it comes to respect I would like to receive what I give out. I listen, I trust, I care and love. I'd like that back in return, and if and when I don't, I don't feel respected. And I respect myself enough, and the person involved, to try and broach the subject with them politely and in an adult manner if the time is right.

(I hope this makes sense. I'm very sleep deprived right now. LOL.)

You're so awesome Nancy.

That's all for now. (I too am doing the blog catchup.)

Respect is the overriding lesson in everything at my house. I can appreciate everything you discussed today. Great post!

Wow, I am at a loss for words. What a great post.

I can't think of a thing to add, except how wonderful I think you are.

(Didn't read MIM's post/coments, but read/commented on the link at blogher.org)

Wow....excellent post from an excellent writer. My comment doesn't reflect the depth of your post, but I agree with many of your viewpoints. Alan and I have a deep respect for each other. That doesn't always mean we "like" each other or each other's actions, I respect him and, like you, wouldn't blog about our differernces in opinion unless I gave him the opportunity to blog about me. I'm trying to be a better listener. I think being a mom brings out a lot of "respectful" qualities -- empathy, listening, etc.

I liked your addition of listening, as a requirement of respect. I am terrible at listening, wonderful at rambling. I find that I am able to drudge up my listening patience, however, for those people in my life I respect.

Great post. I absolutely agree.

Lately there have been some real firestorms on the blogger world. While I don't agree with all of MIM assertions, I did think that many of the comments crossed the line and can understand why she decided to turn off her comments.

This is my first time visiting you blog. Love it. And HERE HERE about respect.

I JUST blogged about this very issue myself a few days ago. Trying to teach my kids to not only respect - but what it means to be respected.


Nice, Nancy. I think you wrapped up just about everything. Of course, this all begins with respect for ourselves, which sometimes for me, is one of the hardest things to conquer.

Nancy, This isn't really a comment on this post - its a comment on a comment you left on my blog - but I don't see a way to email you directly. I understand not wanting emails from ALL your loyal fans - but I wanted to thank you for commenting and that having what I say be meaningful to someone besides myself is what its all about. I am glad that my experience and insight made you think. And I hope that you have the courage to do what you said! Let me know how it goes. --Amy

Well said (or written!) Respect is sorely lacking in kids these days. I work at a gymnastics facility part-time and a 4 YEAR-OLD called one of our instructors a BITCH! My mother would have bitch-slapped me back in the day!

When I worked in the high-tech field disrespect was widespread and accepted. It was appalling the way supervisors were allowed (and encouraged) to treat their employees. I felt like I had to stand up for myself daily against my school-yard bully boss. I vowed I would never treat another human the way he treated us.

This week Madeleine is on spring break, and I woke up to the fact that she's developing a little attitude. Flashes of my ex-boss keep coming back to me. I'm sure she thinks I'm being harsh, but I will not raise a child that speaks to adults in that snotty tone we all know too well.

All that was just to say, excellent post Nancy. Well-written and thoughtful, and a boost for me and my battle with my 4-year-old.

All I can say is WOW. That was a really, really well written post.

And, yes, I am SO thrilled that you got what I was saying!

I'll be back!

Nancy, your insight is really lovely. I don't know what is going on with you this week, but my wish for you is that you are treated with the same understanding and respect in all apects of your life that you share with others.

Excellent post! You a truly insightful (and gifted).

Hi. Nice post. I found your blog through a link on Moonshine. I have heard of your blog before and I am glad I checked it out. :)

I totally agree with you that everything grows out of the core concept of respect. If you respect other people and their right to be who they are and do what is right for them, you blow right past petty things like racism, sexism, snobbery, bullying, abuse, etc. What a world that would be...

Wow Nancy, you are on a roll!

I think respect is something SO important. Respecting others - and respecting yourself. Being honest and true to yourself.

There's so much to grasp there. I need to read it again!


Gosh respect I think is important on every single level of life and with almost any relationship. As we grow we learn that respect is a huge factor in everything, that includes getting it as well as giving. In the blogging world it is hard to determine respect and even intention at times. I try and read tones as much as I can before I click a blog good bye forever. Easier said than done.

But I like this post and it taught me so much about Nancy. That is the hardest in the blog world, figuring out who it is who you are becoming attached to. I am glad to see where you come from and we agree on many many levels.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.
Mary, mom to many

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