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August 24, 2006


Wow! That's very creative. My brain can't think this early in the morning. Will ck bk if I have anything to add.

OMG this is cracking me up! Someone really ought to give you a book deal like Rich Hall got for "Sniglets".

And thanks for putting me next to a pig roasting on a spit. Really, that's awesome.

Genius! I missed the first two, but I've gone back to read them now. You're the ultrwne of bloggers.

Damn my boring family and their boring use of the English language! I'd love to add some to these.

Nancy, you are hilarious. And clever. Love it.

MMMM Virgin Mai Tai.... I guess that would just be fruit juice? I guess I'm going to have to familiarize myself with the various non alcoholic drinks, although, I don't really see the point, kind of like drinking decaf coffee :o)

My favorite from this batch is wikrz.

You are so clever. My favourite is "wikrz".

Does the hilarity ever end? The first WV post is what hooked me on M-M-M. *sigh* Can't say I'm sorry, either.

Okay, I am laughing my ass off, not to mentioned flattered that you included Tacy and me in one of your definitions. Best edition yet, Nancy!

Yep, putting the smackdown on smut since 2002.

This is genius Nancy! It's sniglets for the blogging generation!

Oh, you are clever. I thought Gynnzoo could also be a new "Get to know your vagina" show

LOL. I'm going to link this later this week. Classic.

I love this series. I laugh HARD every time.

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